So much fun! “A great break from school and stress. Everyone that worked the event was fired up and that made for a great atmosphere.”  “It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my two years at IU.”  I had a ton of fun! “The coordinators were electric and helped everyone get hyped before, during and after the race.”  Everyone was smiling and had a great time! “This was such a blast! The involvement of the volunteers made the race more fun!”  Great encouraging atmosphere “We had so much fun. The scenery and powder colors were beautiful! Perfect day for the event!”  AMAZING EXPERIENCE! “I loved the dancing, the color stations, the encouragement along the way, everything!”  It was a blast! “Everything was very well organized, volunteers and staff were friendly and engaging, and the pre and post race activities were awesome!”  My first JB5K! “I loved it and can’t wait to do it next year!”  The atmosphere ROCKED! “So much fun!!! This was my first color run and it was a great time. I loved having people cheer us on as we ran!”