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JB5K STUDENT STEERING COMMITTEE Join the JB5K Student Steering Committee and work with a dedicated team of enthusiastic students throughout the school year. The committee is responsible for promoting the event across campus, determining the race route entertainment and event festivities, planning a personal safety workshop, and more!  Successful committee members have great organizational and communication skills, are creative and enjoy working in a collaborative environment! “I have loved being a member of the JB5K Steering Committee because it allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with an amazing group of people, all while helping plan one of IU’s biggest annual events!” – Sid   “I joined the JB5K Steering Committee to be more involved here on campus, especially with something that has such a meaningful story behind it. I loved participating when it was in person, even in the rain, and I have met so many great people through this event.” – Sophia   “I have loved being a part of the JB5K Steering Committee because each year you feel more connected to Jill’s story and strive to connect the IU community to it too! The JB5K is an event that prides itself on having fun, moving your body, and keeping Jill as the center purpose of it all.” – Mekenzie   “I became involved with the JB5K Steering Committee because I experienced the event first hand my Freshman year, and knew I wanted to be a part of such a fun and important event!” – Flor   “I’ve found that the JB5K Steering Committee is an excellent way to make a positive impact on campus and in your life. It is extremely rewarding to see the impact that this event has on participants and Jill’s parents, and shows the positive impact of Jill’s legacy” – Angela  “I love being a part of the JB5K Steering Committee because I get to work with an amazing team to create an exciting event that the students and community always look forward to!” – Elizabeth   “Being apart of the JB5K Steering Committee has been an absolutely wonderful experience.  I have loved being able to meet new people who are just as dedicated in keeping Jill’s story alive.” – Paige   “The JB5K Steering Committee gave me a chance to make friends and connect with other people who like planning events! Our meetings are always fun, and everyone’s ideas for this event were truly appreciated. I’m so excited to be a part of it in person next semester!” – Christina   “I love working with the JB5K, because it’s such an impactful & special way to give back to the IU community. Not only are we helping develop a better campus for students, but we are getting to have a lot of fun while doing it.” – Phillip   “I have loved being a part of JB5K Steering Committee because I have met a lot of incredible people through it as well as made a lot of fun memories.  I am grateful for the time I was able to have been a part of JB5k and will never forget it!” – Cora   “I had been looking for a committee that felt like home, and I found it with the JB5K Steering Committee! Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. I l