Recreational Sports & RHA Present the JB5K Color Cup: A Residence Halls Participation Competition  COLOR CUP FAQ What is the COLOR CUP? The Color Cup is an annual JB5K participation competition in which each Residence Hall on campus tries to have the highest percentage of residents participate in the JB5K.   Since each hall has a different capacity and total number of residents, percentage of residents will be used in lieu of total number of registrants per hall.  WHAT DOES THE WINNING HALL RECEIVE? The winning hall will receive the Color Cup trophy to display for the year and will have their hall name and year engraved on the trophy  HOW DO I COMPETE?  Residence Hall students are automatically included in the competition when they register! Once you complete registration, you will be counted towards your hall’s participation count. The more residents a a residence hall has participating, the greater the chance of winning the Color Cup and other fun prizes!   COLOR CUP LEADERBOARD urrent Standings - April 28, 2021 Union Street Eigenmann Briscoe Forest Spruce   Standings updated weekly.  Check back May 3 for the winner!