Testimonials “Thanks to this program and the wonderful instruction provided by my trainer, an activity that started out as purely functional has turned into a passion I can continue to pursue for many years to come.” Female Graduate Student  “I really enjoyed working with my trainer. She was very creative and gave lots of variety in the workouts while also customizing them to meet my needs. I liked the accountability and consistency of meeting twice a week. She was very flexible in meeting my scheduling needs.” -Female Undergraduate Student  “I had a tendency to injure myself when strength training by not listening to my body or not knowing how to work around injuries. Since investing in personal training,  I eat better and have the techniques to work out safely on my own. My body composition is better and I’m much stronger.” -Male Undergraduate Student  “I learned so much from my trainer in every session. The handouts she provided after each session have been super helpful for me to review the movements by myself.” -International Graduate Student  “My trainer was really good at explaining why we were doing certain exercises, and how I should challenge myself in the future. He often asked what I thought I should do (what weight to use, how to increase between sets, etc.), which helped me learn how to train on my own.” -Female Graduate Student  “I learned how to use the equipment correctly and effectively. But the most important thing I gained from this experience was building my courage to take on new challenges.” -Female Graduate Student  “My trainer definitely helped me accomplish my goals. I met with him 16 times (or so). When I walked in I could barely squat the bar, now I can squat twice my weight. By the end of a few months muscle growth was visible, and I could feel the difference. He taught me superior techniques I can use to build my own routine and keep fit for the rest of my life. This has been one of the most positive life experiences I’ve had yet! I would recommend it to anyone unsure of where to start.” -Male Undergraduate Student  “This is the second time I’ve engaged a personal trainer since coming down with rheumatoid arthritis fourteen years ago. Both times I was assigned the best person for my needs, and both times it’s made a significant difference in my ability to function independently in daily life.” -Female Faculty Member  “It is worth the money because it enables you access to someone who is there to support you through your goals.” -Female Undergraduate International Student “I asked my trainer to provide a strength routine that could help with my running (that had been suffering due to a knee injury), and I have been able to achieve my running goals and finally get back to the activity I love.” -Male Staff   “I am currently in the best shape of my life. I previously never lifted, opting only for swimming or running on occasion, but was otherwise mostly sedentary. Now I go to the gym 5 times a week, and I can bench 135. My trainer was amazing! This was probably some of the best money I have spent in my life.” -Male Graduate International Student  “When I first came to IU I made it my goal to visit the gym as often as possible. It became difficult, though, because the time that I did find to get to the gym wasn’t used effectively due to my lack of strength training experience. Personal Training proved to be very beneficial and worth-while as it allowed me to gain a better knowledge of how to workout and how to find the time to do it.” -Female Undergraduate Student  “The pace was perfect. Our trainer was outstanding and accommodated our schedule and individual needs generously. It was great to be able to go through the training as a couple and to learn how to safely and securely help each other.” -Graduate International Married Couple
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