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IS MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED? You do not need a Recreational Sports membership to work with a personal trainer.  What is the minimum number of sessions that I can purchase? Purchase three sessions to get started in your training journey. After that, you may renew for one or more sessions.  How long do I have to complete sessions? Packages of 3, 6 and 8 sessions expire three months after the purchase date. Packages consisting of 10, 12 and 16 sessions expire after six months. You have one full year before the 32 session package expires.  How long is a session? Each session with a trainer lasts for one hour.  What happens during a session? Each session is designed by your trainer to help you systematically work toward your fitness goals.  It may include strength training, flexibility, cardio training, high intensity interval training, yoga, body weight training, or any combination of the above.  Can I bring a FRIEND for a session with my trainer? Training is more fun with friends! We offer a buddy package for two people to workout at the same time with one trainer.  It helps with accountability, and is a really good deal too!  Are the personal trainers certified? Yes! Select a trainer bio on the Personal Training homepage to view their certifications. To ensure the best possible experience, our trainers go through a rigorous, three-round interview process and must complete additional training before taking on clients.  Are the personal trainers students? Some, but not all of our personal trainers are students. We utilize your training needs and goals to match you with the right trainer.  Do I need to PURCHASE a body composition assessment? We recommend a Body Composition Assessment if your goals include muscle gain or fat loss. It is not required to participate in the program. If you purchase a package of 10 sessions or more and choose to receive optional nutrition guidance from your trainer, you will receive a free Body Composition Assessment and periodic retesting throughout your package.   Where do sessions take place? Choose to have your either the SRSC or Garrett Fieldhouse, whichever you prefer.  Where CAN I park? Click the button above for information on parking at the SRSC. Visit the IU Office of Parking Operations site for parking on central campus, near Bill Garrett Fieldhouse.