Intramural Sports - Intramural Sports looks a little different right now but we are excited to offer both virtual and in-person opportunities for you that are fun and safe! We will add new sports to the mix as soon as we are able so please follow us on social media and check back regularly for updates.

Sport Rules and Formats How to Register Email Us with Questions

 SUMMER SPORTS: REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW!  SPORT: Men's Tennis Singles | COST: Free! | FORMAT: Regular Season + Playoffs | PLAY BEGINS: June 10 | LOCATION: SRSC Outdoor Courts | DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: June 7

SPORT FORMAT INFORMATION  MAJOR SPORT: SOCCER   |  BASKETBALL  |  FLAG FOOTBALL |  FUTSAL  |  TENNIS  |  ULTIMATE FRISBEE  |  SOFTBALL   |  4v4 VOLLEYBALL   |   6v6 VOLLEYBALL  Longer season, more games, most popular activities. Divided into Competitive and Recreational leagues.  Competitive: Designed for the sport enthusiasts who wish to apply skills in a competitive environment in pursuit of a championship. Participants will be scheduled a three game regular season followed by a single elimination playoff for qualifying teams.  Recreational: Designed for players who are seeking a purely recreational experience. In this league, participants will experience a leisure setting where social and fitness benefits are desired over competition. Participants will be scheduled a five game regular season without playoffs. A and B leagues may be offered if team numbers permit.  MINOR SPORT: 6v6 DODGEBALL  |  4v4 FLAG FOOTBALL  |  KICKBALL  |  FRESHMAN BASKETBALL  |  RACQUETBALL    |  TABLE TENNIS   |  TEAM HANDBALL  |  WALLYBALL  |  WOMEN’S BASKETBALL  Shorter time commitment, less expensive, with no separation between competitive and recreational leagues for men, women, co, or open. Teams will be scheduled two regular season games in consecutive weeks followed by a single elimination playoff for all qualifying teams.  TOURNAMENT & SPECIAL EVENT: BAGS   |  BATTLESHIP  |  SPIKEBALL  |  PRE-SEASON BASKETBALL  |  PRE-SEASON SOFTBALL  |  PRE-SEASON FLAG FOOTBALL   Shortest time commitment. One or two day events that may include pool play and/or single elimination tournament formats.

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