Fall 2020 Facility Information

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Facility Hours and Public Spaces

Why are the hours so limited?
Our hours have been chosen to coincide with the times when most students have chosen to workout based on historical data. In addition:

  • Limited hours allow us to ensure that we can complete extra cleaning of the facility and equipment throughout the day.
  • We will need time to hire and train additional staff in order to provide the required supervision for additional hours.
  • If we are able to do so safely, we want to incorporate additional hours later in the semester.

Where is all the furniture from the lobby?
Furniture was removed to promote physical distancing.

Why are the water fountains blocked off?
The University has required that the use of water fountains be discontinued and that students use the bottle fillers instead. We will be installing additional bottle fillers throughout the facilities.


Participant and Employee Safety

What are you doing to keep the facilities and equipment clean?
We have an extensive cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting plan which includes:

  • Antimicrobial mist for floors and equipment on a monthly basis.
  • Building Services cleaning floors, restrooms, locker rooms, lobby areas and high touch surfaces nightly.
  • Electrostatic sprayers a minimum of twice daily
  • Hourly staff rotating around the building continuously to clean doors, handrails, locker rooms and restrooms throughout the day.
  • Participants will be encouraged to use Gym Wipes to clean in and out when using equipment. Supplies will be available in strength & cardio spaces.

How do you know your employees aren’t sick?
There are several steps that are being taken to minimize opportunities for someone who is sick to come to work:

  • All students are expected to self-monitor and not report to work or go to classes if they are not feeling well.
  • In addition, all RS hourly team members are screened for symptoms before every shift. They are not allowed to work if they are showing any symptoms of the virus.
  • Employees are required to wear the IU issued mask when they are in the facilities.
  • Professional staff members have completed the Community Responsibility Form that is mandated by IU. These staff members are responsible for monitoring their own symptoms and are committed to staying away from the facilities should they exhibit symptoms.

We cannot share any confidential health information about any of our employees.

Why are participants required to scan in and out of the facilities?
We are doing this for a couple of reasons:

  • It helps us to monitor the number of people in the facilities.
  • The information can be used to support contact tracing if requested by the University.

Why aren’t you screening everyone (participants) for symptoms when they come into the building?
As students, all of our participants have been asked to compete the Student Commitment Form that informs them of their responsibilities for monitoring their symptoms and taking responsible actions to protect the health of the community. However, we will not be screening faculty, staff or public using the Tennis Center for private lessons at this time.

Can I bring my friend from home who is visiting me?
No, we will not be selling day or week passes at this time. Only students who have paid their student activity fee will be able to use the facilities. IU has asked that students not have guests in order to reduce opportunities to spread the virus and make sure IUB students are not displaced.


Can I contract COVID-19 through pool water?
There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities inactivated the virus in the water.

What has changed for recreational lap swim? Will Royer Pool still be available?
CBAC will be available to students for recreational lap swim (see website for detailed hours). With social distancing, one person will be allowed per lane. This makes our new capacity 23 for the lap pool and 8 for the diving well. We hope to expand to two swimmers per lane as we see compliance with health directives. At this time, Royer Pool will not be available until further notice due to limited pool capacity.

What will one person per lane look like?
We will encourage participants to enter and exit the water at staggered ends of the pool to increase distancing between people while they swim. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to always stop at the same wall they entered. Here is what it will look like form a bird’s eye view:

Aquatics Pool Lanes
What do participants need to know when they come to swim?
Four things that participants should know:

  • Showers will be required before entering the pool area
  • Face coverings are required for all participants EXCEPT when in the water. Please wear you face mask out to the deck and we will give you a plastic bag to put it in and keep at the end of your lane while you swim.
  • Participants will be limited to one person per lane to allow for social distancing and limited contact.
  • Helpful technology with FusionGo will assist with lane reservations should the need arise.

How wide is a lap lane?
It is 7 feet from lane line to lane line.

What Aquatic programs are being offered this Fall?
Here are the programs we are offering this Fall:
Adult Group Swim Lesson including swimFIT and Total Technique Swim Trainings (Students only)
Adult Private Lessons (Students, Faculty/Staff Only)
Youth Private lesson (Students, Faculty/Staff Only)

What Aquatic programs are not being offered this Fall and why?
Due to social distancing requirements the following programs will not be offered this Fall:
Leisure Lounge including Water Basketball
Women’s Only Swim in Pool 194 (very small pool that is not quite 25meters and only has four lanes)
American Red Cross Safety Course (including Lifeguarding and Water Safety Instruction)
Club and Intramural aquatic sports (For example, Battleship, Swim Club, Water Polo).

Will there be additional cleaning and disinfection of common pool equipment, like kickboards?
Yes, all kickboards, pull buoys, aqua jogging belts, and lifejackets will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. When you arrive to the pool deck there will be a “Grab clean equipment here” bin and a “Place used equipment here” bin.

Will the locker rooms and towel checkout be available?
Yes, the locker rooms will be open and towel checkout available from EQ. Locker rooms will have directional signage and lockers within locker banks will be blocked off to encourage physical distancing.


Informal Sports

What informal sports activities will you be offering this fall?
Primarily, use of strength & cardio equipment. We will be focusing on this program for several reasons:
This is by far are most popular activity with 1.1 million uses in 2018-19 – our last full year on campus.
We have developed a plan that allows for the spreading out of the equipment throughout the SRSC and Garrett Fieldhouse to accommodate physical distancing.

Why did you move all the strength & cardio equipment?
As previously mentioned, this is our most popular drop in activity that can be done safely while maintaining physical distancing and community cleaning requirements. In order to serve the most number of students at any time we had to spread it out around the facility.

Equipment, as well as stretching and functional fitness spaces have been spread out between the five basketball courts, the strength gym and the cardio/circuit gym upstairs in the SRSC. Similarly, equipment has been relocated from the downstairs rooms and Gym 293 at the Garrett Fieldhouse and placed on the 10 basketball courts in the fieldhouse.

We have done our best to keep equipment clustered together in logical ways.
The layouts were also influenced by the need to protect the hardwood courts underneath and provide access to electricity where needed.

Center Courts Equipment
Can I work out with my friends?
We hope you will still workout together, but maintain appropriate physical distancing during your workouts. Unfortunately that means no spotting. You may need to change your workouts so that you do not require a spotter. This may mean doing less weight or fewer reps

Wearing your mask and maintaining appropriate distancing are two easy things you can do to slow down the spread of the virus. The more we do to slow the spread, the more likely we will be able to stay open.

What activities will not be available?
Activities that don’t allow for proper physical distancing or that involve the use of shared equipment will not be available in the fall. This basketball, volleyball, futsal, racquetball, squash, badminton and table tennis.

Can I play or work out on Woodlawn Fields or Track?
In order to ensure everyone’s safety, Woodlawn Field is closed for personal use.


Group Exercise

Will Group Exercise be offered?
Yes, albeit with some appropriate modifications in order to accommodate physical distancing. Session sizes have been reduced to allow for additional space for each participant. We don’t want students to get frustrated by coming to the facility only to find out that a session is full so we are going to have students register online for each session until they fill.

Why is the number of sessions per week being reduced?
We need to allow adequate time between sessions for participants to leave the space and our facility support team to get in to disinfect spaces and remove any equipment that needs to be sanitized.

Will you still offer the online on demand session and the online live sessions via Zoom?
ABSOLUTELY! We have sessions with some of our most popular leaders already posted and available for anyone to access whenever they want to use them. In addition, we will be offering live Zoom sessions throughout the week.

Why do we have to register for Group Exercise sessions now?
Because the maximum capacity for group exercise sessions has been reduced (see above), we will now require pre-registration for sessions in order to avoid frustration for folks who show up only to find the session is full. It is always possible (likely!) that some registered participants will not show up. You are welcome to “fly standby”. Please check out our website to reserve your spot. It’s quick and easy!


Intramural Sports

What sports or activities are you offering this fall?
We will be offering E-sport tournaments (Madden, FIFA, NBA2K, and Rocket League), Online Trivia, and Bracket Challenges. In addition to these online activities, we will also have some fun one-day skills based competitions such as punt, pass, and kick, home run derby, and soccer skills challenge.

Why are you not offering any team sports this semester?
In the interest of keeping everyone as safe as possible during their time on-campus, we have to limit our activities to those that allow for social distancing and timely sanitization of equipment. We look forward to having everyone back together for team sports in the future.

How much does it cost to sign-up for an E-sport or virtual activity?
All intramural sports for Fall 2020 are completely free! We hope that you choose to get involved in as many options as possible.

How do I sign-up for E-sports?
Visit imleagues.com/indiana, select the e-sport you are interested in, and click register

What systems will you be using for E-sports?
E-sports tournaments will be played on current gen consoles and PC. NBA2K, Madden, and FIFA will be offered for PS4, XBOX One, and PC. Rocket League is cross-compatible so you can play it on any system.

How does online trivia work?
The first step is registering for the event on IMLeagues. We’ll offer several sessions of trivia and you can sign-up for as many as you would like. A Zoom link will be sent out once the registration period has closed. You’ll follow along with the questions via Zoom and submit your responses via Kahoot. The person with the most points at the end wins!

Can I win an IM champ shirt?
Yes! We’ll be giving away IM champ shirts to the winners of all of our programming this semester.

When will Intramural Sports be back to normal?
We’re very eager to have everyone participating in full capacity with us again. At this time we do not have an update on when we can resume normal IM programming. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available. Safety is our top priority and we’ll continue to monitor national, state, and university guidelines as we navigate the pandemic.

Can I play or work out on the turf fields (RSFC)?
In order to ensure everyone’s safety, the Recreational Sports Field Complex is closed for personal use.


Club Sports

Are club sports able to practice and compete in RS facilities this semester?
Club sports will not be permitted to practice or compete in RS facilities this semester since spaces have been prioritized for academics and RS programs that are needed for self-directed participation since that is how we can serve the greatest number of students.

When will club sports be able to start practicing and competing again in RS facilities?
We’re very eager to have everyone participating with us again. At this time we do not have an update on when we can resume normal club sports activities. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available. Safety is our top priority and we’ll continue to monitor national, state, and university guidelines as we navigate the pandemic.

Are club sports able to practice elsewhere on campus and off-campus?
Activity elsewhere or off campus will be at the club’s discretion and we STRONGLY encourage them to follow the CDC guidelines related to organized sport.


Tennis Center

What will you be offering?
Initially private lessons with our amazing tennis professionals, but we will continue to revisit additional options as information becomes available.

What won’t you be offering?
Group lessons, Cardio Tennis, clinics, informal play and use of the fitness area. Group lessons and clinics cannot take place and allow for physical distancing. We are not offering any activities that require shared us of equipment such as balls at this time, but hope to start with singles play as soon as possible.

Will the fitness area upstairs be open?
This area will not be open at this time.