IU Parking Operations Bicycle Rack Location Map

Parking at the SRSC

PARKING AT THE SRSC Recreational Sports has 228 parking spots for cars or trucks, including 10 handicap accessible spaces and two motorcycle spaces. All vehicles parking in the SRSC lot must have a valid IU parking permit.   MONITORED PARKING AT THE SRSC The SRSC lot is monitored Monday - Thursday 6AM - 11:30PM & Friday 6AM - 7:30PM. Two hours of free parking is allowed daily for all participants with a validated parking ticket and IU parking permit. The two hours will be determined according to the SRSC parking lot time clock. Participants without an IU parking permit may also park for a fee. Cars parked in the lot between 12AM and 5AM will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Cars parked in handicap areas, grass, or fire lanes will be ticketed.  Fees will be charged to SRSC lot users who do not have a valid IU parking permit, who stay past the two hour time limit, and/or have not had their parking ticket validated.  Parking fees are $1.50 per half hour and $13.50 for a full day or lost ticket.   Participants may pay with in cash, check, or credit card. Student bursar billing is available with a service fee.   Validation Machine Locations Validation machines for participants are located at the following SRSC locations: directly in front of the lockers in the atrium, and on the southwest side of the dive well in CBAC. The validation machines are placed at ADA appropriate heights and locations.  ADDITIONAL Parking Options  The Tenth Street Parking Lot, located directly across the street from Teter Quad and just south of the SRSC, offers EM-P (A), EM-S (C), and D parking spaces. Non-24 hour EM-P (A) and EM-S (C) spaces may be used by E permit holders from 5PM-7AM. The D spaces may be used by any vehicle from Friday at 5PM through Sunday at 11PM. Bicycle Racks are located just east of the SRSC front entrance on the south side of the building near the loading dock, and on the north side of the building by the terrace.

Parking at Bill Garrett Fieldhouse

PARKING AT THE INTRAMURAL CENTER The School of Public Health Parking Lot, located just west of the School of Public Health building offers EM-P (A) parking spaces. All other IU permit holders may park in non-24 hour spaces from 5PM -7AM  ADDITIONAL Parking Options  The Indiana Memorial Union Parking Lot (IMU East Lot #1) and Seventh Street Parking Lot (IMU North Lot #2) both offer pay parking by the hour for the general public.   The IU Library Parking Lot offers EM-P (A) and EM-P (C) parking spaces, as well as handicap accessible spots and metered public parking. All other IU permit holders may park in non-24 hour spaces from 5PM - 7AM.   The Tenth Street/Fee Lane Parking Garage offers pay parking on the upper level and EM-P (A) parking spaces on the lower level. All other IU permit holders may park in non-24 hour spaces from 5PM - AM The garage is free on Saturday and Sunday.   Bicycle racks are located on the west and east sides of the School of Public Health building.