Locker Rooms

Current Facility Information Flier Policies

LOCKER INFORMATION  DAILY LOCKER USE Daily use lockers are available past the turnstiles and in the accessible rooms in both the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms. Tall lockers in the main locker rooms are for daily use only. Participants may check out a lock for daily use, or may use their own personal lock.  RENT A LOCKER Semester and annual locker rentals are available. Any participant who rents a locker on a semester or yearly basis will receive FREE towel service for the duration of their rental period.  Visit Member Services to reserve your locker.  STUDENT Semester $20 | Academic Year $35 | Annual $50  FACULTY/STAFF Annual $70 PUBLIC/ALUMNI Annual $90 LOCK AND TOWEL CHECKOUT FAQ Who can check out A LOCK? Students may check out a lockfor free using their IU/RS ID. Day Pass users may check out day use locks and basketballs only. Visit the  SRSC or BGF Member Services Desk to check out a day use basketball.  WHAT IS THE PROCESS FOR CHECKING OUT A LOCK? Show your ID and the staff will scan the equipment out to you. When you return the lock, make sure the staff scans your ID again.  How do I get a TOWEL? Daily towel passes are $1. Semester student towel passes are available for $15. Semester or yearly locker rental includes a towel pass. Towel passes can also be purchased at the Member Services Desk.  LOCK AND TOWEL CHECKOUT LOCATIONS SRSC On the lowest level, near the locker rooms and pool  BILL GARRETT FIELDHOUSE Near the entrance to basketball courts and track.