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CSF DETAILS The Club Sports Federation is composed of student representatives from each club sport at IU. Each Club Sport is required to send one Officer recognized by Recreational Sports to the CSF monthly meetings and meet the minimum requirements in the Classification System to remain a part of the CSF.  2018–2019 CSF Executive board members  PRESIDENT – Emily Kronick  Email: • Equestrian Club Member Leads weekly meetings, and sets agendas for monthly CSF executive board meetings.   VICE PRESIDENT – Vacant Chair of the Appeals Board. Processes Classification System reports.   Treasurer – Abbie Stark Email: • Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club Member Chairs the fallocation process. Keeps an itemized account of CSF funds and expenditures.   Secretary – Joe Dweck Email: • Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club Member Records meeting minutes. Orders food for monthly CSF meetings.