Officer Information

Resources for Officers

Club Sports Manual Annual Activiation Checklist
Adidas Order Form Adidas Ordering Guide
Anonymous Hazing Report IMU & Outdoor Space Reservations
Flyer Templates & RS Logos Visiting Club Guide
IU Licensing Parters

Resources for Safety Leads

Accident Report Incident Report
Safety Lead Handbook How to Check Safety Leads
Safety Lead Certification Check


Member Waiver Digital Member Waiver Paper
Coach Acceptance of Responsibility Coach Acceptance of Responsibility
Fundraiser & Sponsorship Approval Facility Request Form
Personal Vehicle Use Form Motor Vehicle Records Check
Travel Form Practice Request Form


2021_CSO_Classification_Classification_System.png 2021_CSO_Classification_CSF_rereg.png
Monthly Roster Updates 2021_CSO_Classification_SIL_rereg.png
Classification Reporting Current Point Totals


Allocation Application Proof of Purchase
Additional Reimbursement Button

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