A Message to Club Leaders


Club Leaders,

We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during these uncertain times. This message is going out to all officers to provide an update about club sports for the fall semester. The IU Restart Committee of health and medical experts was convened in April to guide planning on reopening for all eight IU campuses. This committee has been working in collaboration with campus administrators and work groups put in place to recommend how and when to provide teaching, research and services on each campus for 2020-21. Decisions surrounding how to best address COVID-19 on each campus are very complex and still evolving.

At this time, a difficult decision has been made regarding club sports. Unfortunately, resources supporting clubs that are part of the Club Sport Federation are temporarily suspended. There are many reasons, but key among them is the need to reprioritize the use of facility space and funding from the mandatory student activity fee to those programs that accommodate the maximum number of students.   

While we plan to resume support to club sports, the timing is directly connected with when the campus determines risks associated with the pandemic are mitigated. 

We understand this is a difficult time, and we will keep offering workshops on topics that help you be as effective as possible, provide opportunities for additional connection and classification points, and be available to answer questions via clubsprt@indiana.edu. We will also be maintaining the Club Sport pages on the Recreational Sports website for any participants interested in connecting with clubs. Please visit the Club directory page to ensure your club’s contact information is correct. Once we return to more “normal” operation, the perks of being a part of the Club Sports Federation will be re-instated.

Below you will find a list of questions with answers. Please let us know if there are any additional questions and do all you can to stay safe! 


Brad Whittaker 
Program Director, Intramural Sports and Club Sports


Laura Kucik
Assistant Director, Club Sports

812.856.0148 |www.recsports.indiana.edu

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 Club Sports FAQ

Are club sports permitted to use Recreational Sport facilities?

There will not be an opportunity to reserve activity space in facilities supervised or scheduled by Campus Recreational Sports. This includes the SRSC, Garrett Fieldhouse, School of Public Health, Sembower Recreational Sports Complex, Woodlawn Field, or Range Road field.  This means no practices, competition, seminars, workshops, etc. Most of the facilities have been reprioritized for programs that can accommodate the maximum number of students while being able to ensure compliance with the requirements for wearing masks and social distancing. 


When will club sports be able to start practicing and competing again on Recreational Sports facilities?

We’re very eager to have everyone participating in full capacity with us again. At this time we do not have an update on when we can resume normal club sports activities. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available. Safety is our top priority and we’ll continue to monitor national, state, and university guidelines as we navigate the pandemic.


Can clubs use non-rec sports facilities including off-campus facilties?

We STRONGLY encourage you to follow the CDC guidelines related to organized sport

However clubs can seek utilization of alternative spaces on and off campus, but the following University policies will apply: UNIVERSITY POLICY RELATED TO EVENTS (Please click to learn more about having meetings, workshops, competitions, clinics, etc.)


Can my club travel during Fall semester?

We STRONGLY encourage you to follow the CDC guidelines related to organized sport

Clubs may be able to travel this semester, however the following University policies related to student org travel will apply: UNIVERSITY POLICY RELATED TO EVENTS (Please click to learn more about having meetings, workshops, competitions, clinics, etc.)


Will club sports receive Fall allocation from Recreational Sports?

No allocation will be distributed for the Fall semester.  We do not know yet what the Spring semester holds. However, there will be opportunities for your club to earn classification points that translate into allocation dollars for next year, but it will not be required.  We will have more information regarding how to earn points with the start of classes. 


How will the activation process change for Fall semester?

There will still be some training opportunities available to club officers for the Fall semester as well as virtual club chats. Both the trainings and the club chats will be opportunities for your club to earn allocation dollars, but will not be required. Only Officers that attend the Fall Officer workshop will be eligible for the Fall semester Classification opportunities that will be made available. More information to come on this!


Will clubs need safety leads to be active for the Fall semester?

No, safety leads for club sports will be on hold until we resume club sports activity.  No safety lead workshops or certifications will be offered to club members during the Fall semester.


What forms will be due for club sports within the Club Sports Federation?

No forms will be required for club sports within the Club Sports Federation, including member waivers. However, we encourage clubs to complete the forms that are still available through the Club Sport Federation page at the BeINVOLVED website.
That will expedite activation in the future and keep records available that will help assist your club with officer transition. 


Can clubs earn classification points during the Fall semester?

Yes, clubs will have opportunities to earn classification points for their clubs. These are NOT required, but would earn their club points for next year's allocation budget. Points can be earned by attending virtual leadership workshops, attending virtual Officer training, attending Monthly meetings, etc. Please click here to see the updated Classification System for Fall 2020.


Is Officer Training a requirement for club sports?

No, officer training is not a requirement for the Fall semester, but if your club would like to earn classification points for your club, you must have officers attend training in order to be eligible for classification points.


Can my club use the University logo if competing or practicing off-campus?

Clubs will not be permitted to use the IU logo during this temporary suspension. This does not mean existing apparel or uniforms with the logo have to be discarded. IU licensing and trademark will not approve new requests for utilization until further notice. 


What club naming is appropriate when marketing or recruiting for my club Fall 2020?

Clubs are still permitted to market and recruit for their clubs in Fall 2020.  As a reminder, all clubs must use this terminology when referencing their clubs: The ________ Club at Indiana University or The _______ Club at IU. For example, The Rugby Club at Indiana University not the IU Rugby Club or IU Rugby Team, etc. The name cannot be used in conjunction with the University logo.   


When will club sports within the Club Sports Federation be permitted to use the logo?

Once we return to more “normal” operation, the perks of being a part of the Club Sports Federation will be reinstated.