Hiring and Training for Intramural Sports Officials

Call-Out Meeting: Wednesday, December 5 at 6:00pm in the SRSC Auditorium

IM Employee IM Employee IM Employee

Intramural Sports is looking for ...

  • Individuals interested in working in and around sports
  • Those that excel in a team environment
  • Someone who possesses the following qualities: Respectful, cooperative, intent, alert, poised, confident, enthusiastic, professional, hard-working, high-integrity

If you are interested in upcoming opportunities, please email our professional staff at imstaff@indiana.edu.

About the Official's Tryout Process:

To be successfully hired as an official, individuals must pass a Rules Knowledge test (80% or higher) and have positive evaluation scores from the on court/on field tryout.

Name of Educational Opportunity # of hours
We recommend attendance at all educational sessions

Rules Session Part A

2-3 hrs

Rules Session Part B

2-3 hrs

*makeup Rules Session

3-4 hrs

Stations & Mechanics Part A

2 hrs

Stations & Mechanics Part B

2 hrs

*makeup Stations & Mechanics

3 hrs

We REQUIRE attendance at one of the following tryouts:

On Court/On Field Tryout (option 1)

2 hrs

On Court/On Field Tryout (option 2)

2 hrs

**On Court/On Field Tryout - Rain Backup

3 hrs

*Make-up days/times may not be available for every sport
**Rain Backup days/times may not be available/needed for every sport