Strength Sessions

Group Exercise Schedule

Strength Session Information Want to focus on improving muscular strength and total body toning? Sessions do not include cardio exercises but will aim to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire session, for a lower impact yet effective strength workout.  Core: A favorite of our participants, this 30-minute session focuses on all the muscles from the shoulders to the knees that will help you improve overall core strength, posture, decrease back pain, and increase stability.  Strength Core: Want a full body toning experience? This session targets every major muscle group using weights, stability balls, and resistance tubes, spending extra time focusing on the core muscles.  Barre Fitness: A fun and empowering session inspired by elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. With the help of the barre, light weights, and through small, controlled movements, isometric holds, and high repetition, you’ll experience a full body workout that will help you to gain strength, balance, and flexibility!   Pure Strength: This session targets and strengthens all the major muscles in the body for a head-to-toe workout. A “light weights, high reps, short recoveries” formula will build tension quickly and put a higher demand on the muscles. Beginners and advanced levels alike will get an effective workout through a non-stop progression of movement motivated by eclectic, energetic music!  Kettlebell Strength: Focus on strength, endurance, and power by challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular systems with full body kettlebell exercises in this dynamic session. Whether you are new to kettlebells or a kettlebell pro, this session will challenge you in a new way. Kettlebells range from 5-15 pounds.