Cardio Sessions

Current Group Exercise Schedule

Cardio Session INFORMATION Participants of all fitness and ability levels are invited to attend these sessions focused solely on cardio. The level of intensity is always what you make it!  Cardio Kickboxing: An introduction to basic kickboxing techniques such as jabs, hooks, and kicks. This quick and effective workout is great for both new and advanced participants.  Step: Turn up the volume and step it up a notch! This cardiovascular session utilizes the step bench with simple and fun movements choreographed to the beat of the music.  Cycle: Let music and engaging leaders guide you through some of the best rides of your life! Focus on form, technique, and cardiovascular endurance during sessions designed to simulate the varied terrain of an outdoor ride!  CycleBeatz: BPM meets RPM in CycleBeatz! This electrifying session will spice up your workout. Ride under the black lights, and let the music lead you through challenging hills, steady flats, and high-intensity intervals!  Little 500 Cycle-60: Training for a race? Come work on enhancing your indoor and outdoor cycling skills that will help keep you at the front of the pack! Work on power and endurance, and have a great time!