The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible. It also improves the functioning of the body's various systems. Yoga brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind. Our leaders hold well-recognized certifications and will lead you towards reaching your goals while energizing your attitude and relieving stress. As of fall 2017, Yoga sessions are INCLUDED in the student activity fee!

Bro Flow Yoga-60: This yoga session is designed with every athlete in mind. Work on improving those tighter areas and increasing range of motion through powerful and functional poses and movements. We encourage EveryBODY to attend and unleash their inner bro!

Morning Boost-60: Greet the day with an invigorating morning practice as we awaken body and mind.  Focusing on balance, flexibility, flowing postures and breath.

Power Vinyasa-60 (Power Hour Yoga): Using breath and movement synergistically, Power Vinyasa gradually builds heat in the body to build stamina and strength. This session is quicker-paced and offers a nice challenge, but it is suitable for beginners, athletes, and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Slow Flow Yoga-60: This Vinyasa-inspired session will find length and alignment in the body through powerful yet gentle poses.  Flowing from one posture to the next, participants will begin to learn how to incorporate breath with their movements to find balance and peace within each pose.

Restorative: Recenter your mind and body with a gentle and relaxing yoga flow. This session incorporates restorative poses that wil help you de-stress, soothe and realign your physical and mental practice.

Inversions and Arm Balances-60: Flip your perspective, work on building upper body and core strength, and improve balance! This session builds on the foundations of Power Vinyasa to incorporate arm balances and inversions into your yoga practice. The flow of this session will include deep stretches and strengthening postures necessary to build the skills needed. Everyone will have the opportunity to have play time with the various poses into the flow sequence. Some prior experience with yoga is recommended, but no previous experience with arm balances or inversions is necessary.