The best of both worlds! These sessions include cardio and strength training in the same session!

  • Cardio Core-60: Begin with 30 minutes of simple cardio movement followed by the popular Core-30 strength session to create a complete workout. The level of intensity is up to you!

  • Cardio Kick & Core-60: Fit both cardio kickboxing and strength training into the same session! Begin with 30 minutes of cardio kickboxing followed by 30 minutes of core strength work.

  • HIIT-30, (High Intensity Interval Training): This challenging yet rewarding 30-minute interval-based session combines full body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts to elevate your heart rate as you strengthen!

  • Total Body Conditioning-60: If you like HIIT, consider Total Body Conditioning. A 60-minute session focused on total body muscular strength and conditioning with interspersed bouts of high-intensity cardio exercises. Come prepared to work hard and be challenged.

  • Boot Camp-45/60: This strength and conditioning session coached by our motivating leaders challenges your agility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and core stabilization through body-weight and equipment-based drills. Weather permitting, portions of this session may be held outdoors.

  • Deep Water Exercise-45: Experience the benefits of non-weight bearing exercise in this deep water session that enhances your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. Buoyancy belts are provided to help you float in the pool, enabling you to perform water exercises to your maximum potential. *No swimming experience necessary but should be comfortable in deep water.

  • Step Strength-60: 45 minutes of fun, fancy and upbeat step choreography, followed by 30 minutes of total body strengthening exercises.

Total Body Conditioning