Reduce stress, improve overall flexibility while increase energy levels and building strength in these sessions! Need a little wooosah in your life? These sessions are the perfect place to start.

  • PiYo-45: Get the best of both worlds with a combination of Pilates and Yoga. This session picks up the pace and brings together a variety of yoga sequences and Pilates strengthening exercises.
  • Mind Body Strength-45: Combining resistance (weights, bands, or body weight) with power postures to develop core stability, full body strength, and flexibility. A nice stretch at the end will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.
  • Mat Pilates-60: Pilates strengthens the core postural muscles of the abdominals and lower back, as well as the chest, upper back, shoulders, and glutes. By practicing focused and controlled exercises, you will create long, lean, and flexible muscles. Detailed instruction on alignment will be given in this session, and limited equipment may be introduced.
  • Core Stretch-45: Core Stretch offers a blend of core stability training, balance techniques, and flexibility exercises. Perform strengthening exercises designed to warm the body followed by relaxing and effective stretching techniques to improve the body’s suppleness.