Step Into Fitness

Step into Fitness is a FREE self-guided 10-week walking program offered by Recreational Sports for all IU Faculty/Staff that begins Monday, May 28th. Track your steps as an individual or as a TEAM for 10 weeks to be eligible for prizes! You receive a tracking sheet and lots of support from the Rec Sports staff along the way!

Online Tracking Registration 

New online tracking feature called Challenge Runner will automatically upload data from your Fitbit and other tracking devices to the website!

Please read the  Challenge Runner Instructions BEFORE registering.

CLICK HERE to create your Challenge Runner account and register your tracking device.

If you do not have a tracking device, you can enter your data manually.

How do I get started?

You can bring your university ID to IU Campus Recreational Sports Member Services at the SRSC or in the Intramural Center, or visit us during one of our campus tablings to enroll.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

All IUB faculty and staff. Please note, as a past participant of Step into Fitness you are automatically registered to participate again this time.

Have your own pedometer? Join the program by printing the Step Tracker to the 2018 10-week form and the Food Tracker here or stop by Recreational Sports Member Services at either the Intramural Center or the SRSC.

Participants can sign up by visiting the SRSC or Intramural Center Member Services desk. Bring your IU ID and the member service associate will scan your ID and give you your free step tracker.

What do Participants Receive?

  • Weekly nutrition and physical activity tips

  • An online step/nutrition tracker

  • Incentive to get moving!

Team Guidelines

Form your departmental teams now! Prizes will be awarded throughout the summer for teams with the highest average steps per team member! 
  • Teams can be any size you wish.

  • Be creative and name your team! It's also a good idea to have a team captain.

How Many Steps Do I Need?

There is no maximum or minimum. However, challenge yourself to walk as much as you can based on these guidelines:

  • GOOD 6,000 steps/day 42,000 steps/week
  • BETTER 8,000 steps/day 56,000 steps/week
  • EXCELLENT 10,000 steps/day 70,000 steps/week

Remember that the number of steps above is meant to motivate you to walk more everyday. Don't be discouraged if you find that you walk fewer than 6,000 steps/day. Knowing the number of steps you get should help you feel motivated to walk more. Focus on trying to reach your personal goals. There is no minimum number of steps required. Just give it a try and do your best.

All participants will receive weekly motivational e-mails and will qualify to win weekly incentives.

Finish the ten-week log, submit a copy in person, by campus mail, or by fax to the SRSC Rm. 115 by 5 PM on August 5, 2018.

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