Step 1

Complete and submit a Facility Use Application to

  • Please be aware that there are rental fees associated with the use of RS managed facilities including space rental, equipment rental and staffing (if required). A deposit may be required prior to the event.  
  • The Intramural Center or SRSC cannot be reserved as a backup location.
  • For outdoor events, we recommend that you consider submitting a request to use Dunn Meadow, the tailgating fields, or the grass field on the corner of 17th & Fee Lane through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Woodlawn Field is a grass field with poor drainage. In the event of inclement weather, the fields could be closed to all users and your event could be canceled with minimal notice – the weather in Indiana isn't always predictable!
  • The Recreational Sport Field Complex turf fields are NOT available for rental groups. 

Requests for reservations will be accepted as listed below. Additional guidelines are listed on the Facility Use Application.

  • Large Events (more than 300 participants) - 4 months in advance
  • Medium Events (100 - 300 participants) - 2 months in advance
  • Small Events (less than 100 participants) - 1 month in advance

Step 2

Your facility reservation application will be reviewed by the Facility Reservation Committee and approved or denied based on availability of facility space requested, number of events already scheduled on the requested date and capacity of facility requested. Once your request has been approved or denied, you will receive an official notification through e-mail. Please note that submitting an application to Campus Recreational Sports does not constitute a permit. Do not promote or announce your event until you have received notification that the event has been approved and you have met with the event counselor (see Step 3).

Step 3  

If your event is approved, you will be contacted by the assigned Recreational Sports Counselor to set up a time to meet to discuss your event. The President of the organization along with any other members involved in planning your event should attend this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the details of your event and to review any associated fees.

Step 4

Payment in full is required within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice.