Step 1... 

Submit a Recreational Sports Facility User Application. Email to request a Facility Use Application. The WIC or SRSC cannot be reserved as a rain location. Requests for reservations will be accepted as follows for:

  • Large Events (more than 300 participants) - 4 months in advance
  • Medium Events (100 - 300 participants) - 2 months in advance
  • Small Events (less than 100 participants) - 1 month in advance

A deposit may be required four weeks prior to the event.   You will be notified if this will apply to your event request.

NOTE: Student organizations must also submit an Event Registration request to the Students Activities Office, located in the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU 371).

Step 2...   

Your facility reservation application will be reviewed by the Facility Reservation Committee and approved or denied based on availability of facility space requested, number of events already scheduled on the requested date and capacity of facility requested. Once your request has been approved or denied, you will receive an official notification through e-mail. Please note that submitting an application to Campus Recreational Sports does not constitute a permit. Applicants shall not promote or announce a planned event until the Campus Recreational Sports staff has approved the application.

Step 3...   

Upon approval, you are required to contact the assigned Recreational Sports Counselor by the deadline provided in the approval notification and make an event organization meeting appointment. For student groups, both the student applicant and the group advisor are to attend the event organization meeting to:

  • Develop an event plan
  • Review Event Waiver form. Student organizations can receive assistance in developing a waiver from the Student Legal Services Office (located 703 E. 7th Street, 855.7867). We strongly recommend that all other organizations seek legal counsel in developing a waiver tailored to your event.
  • Present a Certificate of Liability Insurance form ($1 million minimum) you should obtain from your insurance carrier. Special Note: Certificates of insurance must list the following as additionally insured parties: IU, the Board of Trustees, all employees, officers, and agents of the University and Campus Recreational Sports. IU student organizations, officially recognized through the Student Activities Office, are covered under the University's liability insurance policy.
  • Review the preliminary budget plan containing estimated expenses for facility reservation expenses, equipment rental fees, personnel costs, deposit, labor costs, etc.
  • Determine personnel needs

Step 4...  

The Recreational Sports Counselor will provide a Counseling Event Checklist, which must be completed prior to the event.

Step 5...  

At the conclusion of your event you must attend a Wrap-up Meeting with a Recreational Sports counselor to finalize the following:

  • Evaluation of the event (personnel, process, facility, etc.)
  • Finalize the budget and payment process.

Step 6...  

Payment in full is required within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice.