IU Recreational Sports hires on a continual basis as needed. Our peak hiring times are March-April (summer and fall semesters), July-August (fall semester) and November (spring semester). Recreational Sports facilities are open 362 days a year and shift availability varies, but keep in mind our facilities are generally open from 6 AM to 11:30 PM most days.



2018 Job Opportunity Session Dates (all sessions are held in the SRSC Auditorium): Attend one of our Job Opportunity Sessions to find out more about working at Campus Recreational Sports and to fill out your application. Applications are only accepted at these sessions!



SPRING 2018 - 

Tuesday, January 9th at 8pm in the SRSC Auditorium

Wednesday, February 7th at 8pm in the SRSC Auditorium

Monday, March 5th at 8pm in the SRSC Auditorium

Thursday, April 5th at 8pm in the SRSC Auditorium


At various times throughout the year, Recreational Sports will host a Call-Out Meeting for students interested in working as Intramural Officials or Group Exercise Leaders. These positions require additional training. Be sure to check back here for upcoming call-out meetings!

Group Exercise Call-Out Meeting: Check back for updates in Fall 2018!

Intramural Sports Call-Out Meeting: Check back for updates in Fall 2018!


Aquatics: Lifeguards and Swim Instructors

Intramural Sports: Officials

Fitness & Wellness: Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Leaders

Informal Sports: Supervisors, Access Entry

Marketing: Marketing Assistants, Recreational Sports Leaders (residence halls), Sneak Peek Leaders (summer), Photographers

Facility Support: Maintenance Assistant, Labor Leader, Labor Assistant, Labor Mechanic

Member Services: Parking Operations Attendant, Equipment Check-Out, Member Service Desk Attendant

Risk Management: First Responder


Interested in a full time position with Recreational Sports? Check the Indiana University job portal for our open positions, found here.